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Meet Amanda! 

As a Recruiter for the last ten years I’ve reviewed countless resumes and interviewed thousands of people from every state and nearly every country. While I’m continually amazed by the diverse talent and experiences candidates have to offer, it’s often not presented or clearly articulated to employers during the hiring process. Resume writing, interviewing and negotiating are skills that take time and practice to develop. Since the average person doesn't change employers or careers every day, even seasoned professionals can find they are out of practice.

Some people never learned these skills in the first place. As a sociologist, I'm hyper aware of the ways gender, culture, ethnicity and generational wealth influence aspects of the application and selection process. For example, did you know men tend to apply to open positions if they meet just a few of the job requirements, while women tend to apply only if they meet most or all of the requirements? Or, that first generation college graduates are much less likely to ask for a salary they deserve? Being aware of these difference and practicing strategies for addressing or overcoming them, is key to maximizing career potential. 

I have worked across multiple industries and locations. I’m deeply familiar with what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for every step of the way and I’d like to share my knowledge and experience to help you thrive on your career journey!

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Your Passion

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Meet Nicole! 

As an experienced HR professional, I offer the inside scoop on what employers and hiring managers are looking for in prospective candidates.


Over the last ten years, I’ve developed a keen eye for talent and a knack for helping people learn how to let their talent shine. Through hard work, diligence and a continual pursuit of excellence, I’ve taken my career from temporary and part-time work to a department head, where I lead and guide teams of people. In that time, I’ve learned that I truly enjoy helping others achieve their goals. I regularly coach and support managers, staff and friends.  


Searching and interviewing for jobs can be tiresome work and often times leads to self-doubt and frustration.  It took me years to overcome my own insecurities and imposter syndrome,

but I now feel confident in my skills and experience and I’m excited to share my knowledge and strategies to help you achieve your next career goal!  For me, this is the fun stuff!


My top personal core value is authenticity and I believe that the best candidates are those who are both qualified AND authentic. I can’t wait to help you bring your authenticity to the forefront of your personal brand be it a resume, cover letter, interview, counteroffer, or anything in between.


I’m excited to work with Amanda and lend my expertise and passion for talent development to those who are ready to reach their career goals!


Experience You Can Trust

Resume Writing

Through in-depth consultation, I will create or transform your resume to emphasizes your most relevant skills, experiences and qualities to help you stand out against the competition, land your next position and propel your career forward.

Career Planning & Advisory

Not sure where to start or where to take your career next? Through dialogue, structured activities and/or research I can help you develop your success strategy.

Interview Preparation

Negotiation Coaching

Practice makes perfect. Interview Prep Sessions are a great way to cultivate your narrative, practice common interview questions and get a handle on how to address things like layoffs, career changes or gaps. 

Whether you would like to ask your current employer for a raise or counter a prospective job offer, I can coach you through your options, draft counter offers and help you navigate the negotiation process.

LinkedIn Enhancement & Training

Harness the power of LinkedIn by customizing your profile so that it aligns with your career plan. I also offer training in utilizing LinkedIn during your job hunt.

Gender & Social Equity

Services supporting gender and social equity programs worldwide. 

Rebecca Martinez

Prepping for an interview with Amanda made all the difference. She was organized, super knowledgeable and very supportive. The mock interview gave me a chance to think about my responses, calm my nerves and boost my confidence. Her feedback was thoughtful, constructive and clear. I highly recommend her!


Working at the same company for the last ten years, the market has outpaced my salary. Amanda helped me to muster up the courage to ask for more money and helped draft my justification. She knew exactly how to frame it. My company increased my salary and I'm happy as could be!  

Jaime Benitez

Coming out of the military I had no idea hot to start applying for jobs. I applied to a few places using my military resume and didn't get any call backs. Amanda reworked my military resume so that it pulled out things that would transfer well to the private sector. Within a week of using my new resume, I got my first call back and after a few interviews I got a job. Huge thanks Amanda!

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